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Advertising board films

Quick Overview

This film adheres to all smooth surfaces.

MATERIAL:   Seven-year permanent adhesive foil (UV resistant with protective laminate for outdoor use for seven years).
OPTIONS:   Laminated foil glossy, laminated foil matt.
FORMAT:   The format can be adjusted to suit your needs. If the short side is longer than 145 cm, the foil will be manufactured in multiple parts, including overlapping.
PRINT:   The print will be a four-coloured digital print.
IMPORTANT:   Please submit your print files without crop or cut marks.

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Adhesive foils for billboards -
advertising in a nutshell


Bring your advertisement to the people! Billboards are targeted, timeless and direct. Business information, telephone numbers or special offers are available to your customers at all times – 24 hours a day. Because of their smooth surface they are perfectly suited for adhesive foils. You can decide the design and format of your adhesive foil yourself.
Billboard films can be used indoors or outdoors. On request, we can laminate your billboard with a protection coating, which will stay UV resistant for up to seven years and keep the ink colours fresh and new. Our four-colour digital print will give your adhesive foil brilliant vivid colours and offers the best picture quality.